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Introducing Angels On Parade

Same great site, new look and name.

The day has come. The Goat Parade is now Angels on Parade.

The change comes after a months-long rebrand effort behind the scenes. The site hit its five year anniversary earlier this year, and of course we’ve been in an interesting situation for nearly two of those years, without an active MLS team to cover on a daily basis.

But we survived, and as we edge closer to 2018, when LAFC is expected to take to the MLS field for the first time, there’s no time like the present to look ahead to the future of the site. And so we’ve got a new look and a new name.

We'll be covering Los Angeles Football Club, of course, especially once the team really gears up to start playing. And for those following our Orange County Blues coverage, that will stick around, too. And when we have something to say about MLS, NWSL, international soccer, you name it -- we'll have it covered.

Want to learn more about the design of our new logo? We know that the "in" thing is to explain our design elements, so here’s a handy graphic, courtesy of Jose Rivera:

Jose Rivera

We hope you like the new look and name. You can expect the same quality coverage, hopefully a few more faces joining the staff, and definitely more articles as we get closer to 2018.

It’s important to thank those involved in the process, so we would like to thank SB Nation first and foremost for their continued support of the site over the years, as well as the many people at the company who contributed to our rebrand and relaunch. We appreciate all the hard work on this project. In addition, thanks to Jeremiah Oshan in particular for working on the rebrand process all the way through.

And thanks, as always, to our readers. For those who stop by to read the stories regularly or who pop in once in a while, we’re grateful for your time and support. We hope you’ll keep coming back to the site, and hopefully you don’t mind doing us a favor and telling your friends about us, too.

What do you think? Leave a comment below!