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OC Blues’ Venison on future: “I’m keeping my options open”

Quotes emerge about Venison mulling other offers after the season.

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Barry Venison, OC Blues, credit Liza Rosales
Venison: Here today...

On the day that the Orange County Blues announced Barry Venison had been officially appointed the team’s head coach, comes an interview with Venison that his time with the club may already be nearing an end.

According to a story by The Telegraph’s Bob Williams on Friday, Venison is planning on staying on the job to the end of this season, and then evaluating a number of apparent offers.

"This is not a role that goes four years into the future - I will be looking at my options at the end of the season, which, if we don't make the play-off, is four weeks' time," Venison is quoted as saying in the article.

"Maybe it's time for a new adventure - in a different city and a different climate."

While the timing of the comments may be curious, the story indicates the reason why Venison is considering moving on from Orange County is because of the rumored ownership change, something Williams reported recently. In this case, Venison talks rather candidly about the change, which has yet to be officially announced.

"I'm being realistic," he said. "We've got new owners in - I don't know what their plans are. It may include me, it may not. Right now I'm keeping my options very open.

"In the past two seasons I've had different opportunities to move to different clubs - in higher leagues than USL. Because I've been fully focused on my job here - and out of loyalty to Oliver [Wyss, the former head coach] - I haven't taken them.

"But now when it comes to the end of the season I've got the chance to look at those invitations and put all those options on the table and seeing what are the most appealing to me.

"And if it includes OC Blues that's fine and if it doesn't include OC Blues that's fine, too."

The entire story is worth a read, as Venison also says he has been the Blues’ head coach not just for several weeks, as has been obvious during games, but for the last two seasons, which if that’s the case, makes you wonder why the job titles were originally parceled out the way they were.

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