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Blasted: Orange County Blues 0, Sacramento Republic 1

Iwasa’s rocket makes the difference in midweek action.

MLS: Preseason-San Jose Earthquakes vs Sacramento Republic Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Oh yeah, the Orange County Blues had a game last night.

Amidst the unfolding story concerning Richard Chaplow’s two-game suspension by USL and the Blues standing behind their midfielder’s version of events in relation to Robbie Rogers’ accusation that he was the victim of repeated homophobic abuse by Chaplow in a game on the weekend, came another actual game, this one against Sacramento Republic on Wednesday.

Cameron Iwasa returned to his old stomping grounds at UC Irvine and hit an absolute screamer in the second half to give Sacramento a 1-0 win over the Blues at Anteater Stadium.

With the goal being the main highlight on the night, the game was chippy and not particularly noteworthy otherwise. Blues midfielder Ivan Mirkovic unsurprisingly was in the middle of several minor incidents on the night, perhaps stepped up a notch considering he was playing his old team.

On the bright side, the Blues’ defensive effort was strong overall, as it took a real moment of magic to beat them and goalkeeper Josh Cohen. That’s perhaps small consolation considering the defeat, but bringing aboard the likes of Kwame Watson-Siriboe in recent weeks seems to have helped the defense improve in the final push of the season.

The attack, however, sputtered again on the night. It’s hard to pinpoint an exact source, and midweek games often produce lackluster performances from any team that requires a grind-it-out ethic reliant on a moment of magic. In the case of this game, that moment came from the opponent.

The Blues will get a little over a week to prepare for their next game, which is...against this same Sac Republic team, a week from Saturday at Bonney Field. With Republic in first place in the Western Conference and the Blues still hanging on in seventh, that’s going to be a pretty pivotal match with the end of the season fast approaching.

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