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LAFC shakes up ownership's managing group

Three new members of the leadership group, while the managing partner is taking a step back.

Berg: Taking on a much larger role with LAFC.
Berg: Taking on a much larger role with LAFC.
Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Changes are coming to Los Angeles Football Club, in a sense.

According to a story from Bloomberg on Tuesday, in addition to LAFC securing the loan necessary to build their new stadium in Los Angeles, there is a shake-up in the ownership group.

While the 27-person ownership group apparently remains intact, Bloomberg reported Larry Berg, Bennett Rosenthal and Brandon Beck were "taking control" of LAFC's day-to-day operations. The trio have been LAFC co-owners, with Berg and Rosenthal announced back when the club was announced in Oct. 2014 and Beck being announced this past January, overshadowed in the news coverage alongside Will Ferrell's introduction as co-owner.

Berg is making the biggest change, reported to be a new "co-managing owner," and is quoted in the piece on the change:

"It's easier to energize with local ownership," Berg, who is also an investor in Italian soccer club AS Roma and English team Swansea City, said in an interview. "It's amazing what a difference it makes."

The question, of course, is how this change impacts the trio who had been running LAFC, managing partner Henry Nguyen, chairman Peter Guber and president Tom Penn.

The Goat Parade reached out to the club for clarification, and a spokesperson confirmed Penn and Guber will remain in their roles as president and chairman, respectively, and will maintain their daily duties for the club.

Penn also provided exclusive comment to The Goat Parade regarding the changes, including the changes for Nguyen's role with the club.

"We anticipate that our other local partners will assume an increased role and involvement in LAFC as we advance with our stadium project. Our ownership group's strong commitment and passion for LAFC will help our team continue to build a championship organization.

"Henry Nguyen will continue to serve as Vice Chairman and Owner and remains 100% committed, invested and involved in realizing the success and promise of LAFC. Given the growth of Henry's business ventures and commitments in Vietnam, Henry prefers to transition the managing partner responsibilities to Larry Berg and the LA-based partners within the LAFC ownership group."

So there you have it. The three-man ownership team running LAFC on a day-to-day basis has been expanded to six men, with Nguyen transitioning to a smaller daily role and Berg, Rosenthal and Beck taking a much larger role with the club moving forward.

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