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FIFA 17 ratings released, includes many future LAFC players

Who will those players be? That’s the mystery!

MLS: EA Launch Party Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

EA Sports’ megahit soccer game, FIFA 17, will drop in full on September 27 here in the United States. From there, the productivity levels of dedicated players will drop for an indeterminate period, but it will be a lot of fun.

On a related note, it’s clear that many of the players who will suit up for Los Angeles Football Club in 2018 and beyond will be included in FIFA 17, and it represents an opportunity for supporters to get to know those players in the virtual realm.

On that front, EA Sports dropped the full player ratings database for FIFA 17 on Wednesday, so you can comb through the reams of players and get a sense of their strengths and weaknesses (as determined by the company, of course) from this day forward.

Of course, the question is who will be playing for LAFC in 2018 and beyond? Well...that’s the $110 million question. This may be an exercise of speculation and doing a crash course once players are actually signed, but it could help you pass the time until those signings start rolling in, which should begin within the next 12 months.

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