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LAFC featured in latest “The Movement” episode

People are excited about the team in Los Angeles.

MLS: LAFC Groundbreaking Ceremony Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports has rolled out a new video series this year, called “The Movement,” featuring former MLS striker Calen Carr, who visits MLS cities and gets some insight on the culture that runs parallel to and with soccer.

The latest episode? It focuses on Los Angeles Football Club, using the recent stadium groundbreaking event as a starting point and from there talking to the LA-based creators of new cartoon “Legends of Chamberlain Heights,” soccer operations chief John Thorrington (whose initial sartorial choice for his interview with Carr is pretty hilarious) and of course, LAFC co-owners Magic Johnson and Will Ferrell.

The video is also notable as it also features the first public comment from LAFC co-owner Brandon Beck, who is now part of the core group of owners running the organization.

It’s definitely a must-watch for folks interested in LAFC. And if you were at the groundbreaking event, who knows, you just might see yourself on camera.

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