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OC Blues’ Pause on multi-year deal, no plan to join LAFC coaching staff

All indications are it is exclusively a USL appointment.

Vancouver Whitecaps v Chicago Fire Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

When rumors emerged on Thursday that Logan Pause would become the Orange County Blues’ next head coach, they came with a bit of a twist. It was reported by Guillermo Rivera of Fire Confidential that the Chicago Fire legend would lead the Blues for a year, and then join MLS expansion side Los Angeles Football Club, the Blues’ MLS partner, beginning in 2018.

That does not appear to be the case, however. Angels on Parade has received clarification from both teams on the matter, and for the moment, Pause’s appointment appears to be only for the USL side.

A spokesperson for the OC Blues told Angels on Parade when asked that Pause’s contract is a multi-year agreement, beginning with the 2017 season. And while coaches’ contracts are often not worth the paper they are written on, if a move after the 2017 season to LAFC was on the docket, it would be perhaps a bit odd to give him a contract lasting longer than a year.

In addition, Angels on Parade spoke with LAFC executive vice president of soccer operations John Thorrington at the MLS draft on Friday about Pause’s appointment and the nature of his hiring. Thorrington said, “he’s just operating as an OC Blues member of staff, he’s their head coach, and they are our partner. And that’s the dynamic and the nature of the relationship.”

Now, those who are reading these words and looking very closely between the lines could probably find a bit of wiggle room. Perhaps Pause could do double duty, as both OC head coach and LAFC assistant? Maybe the contract is only for the Blues, but all parties have a handshake agreement that if things fall into place, Pause could get a role fully inside the LAFC organization? Maybe, maybe not. It’s full speculation, and something to keep tabs on, perhaps.

As it stands, we can take Orange County and LAFC at their word and look at Pause’s appointment as OC Blues head coach for 2017 as just that, with no strings to LAFC attached.

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