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UPSL announce establishment of women’s league

Southern California division to start play this spring.

Courtesy of UPSL

Local amateur league UPSL has become a major player on the scene in the past year, going from a competitive league for elite men’s teams in the area, several of whom made waves in the U.S. Open Cup last year, to making announcements to expand at a rate that could rival the NPSL for national footprint in a short amount of time, if all goes right, of course.

This week, the UPSL made greater inroads, as they announced the establishment of the WUPSL, a women’s “pro development” league, to begin play later this year. Southern California’s division will start playing friendlies this spring, according to the announcement on the news, while competitive play will apparently start in the fall.

Considering the popularity of Southern California for girls’ and women’s soccer, and the vacuum of no NWSL team yet in the region, the new venture could well prove successful on the local front. While the WPSL is still around and features many teams dotted throughout the local region, it stands to reason giving more opportunities for young women interested in playing a chance is not a bad thing at all.

It will be interesting to see how this develops. Hopefully the WUPSL provides fun, competitive and sustainable women’s soccer to help enrich the local landscape.

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