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Construction of LAFC’s training facility coming along nicely

Looking good for 2018.

Courtesy of LAFC

There’s been a lot of attention paid to Los Angeles Football Club’s infrastructure recently, and for good reason. The team is being built from scratch, and that includes physical locations like their home field, Banc of California Stadium, which as of last week was reported to be 60 percent complete ahead of a projected opening in the spring.

The same appears to be true of LAFC’s training facility, at Cal State LA, according to a new gif produced by the team comparing the rendering for the team’s facilities and offices with the construction work done thus far:

It looks good so far!

There’s no word on the current timeline for the completion of the training facility, and the initial release about the news back in May did not offer a tentative date. But construction is well underway, and fingers crossed, if there are no setbacks the facility should be done sooner rather than later, and that’s great news.

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