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1904 FC reveals Oceanside stadium plan, renderings

Team has also hired a GM ahead of projected 2018 launch.

Courtesy of 1904 FC

1904 FC, the new soccer team in San Diego, held a series of launch events and announced a fair amount of news this week with primary owner Demba Ba in town. Among the highlights:

Stadium plans

The team officially confirmed their plans this week regarding their home. Temporarily, they will play at University of San Diego’s Torero Stadium, although the San Diego Union-Tribune’s Mark Zeigler reported on Wednesday that the team may not be able to use the stadium in the second half of the year, with USD’s soccer teams and football team in season. The report indicates there is a chance they will stay in Torero Stadium all year, but it’s up in the air.

In 2019, the team plans to open their own stadium in Oceanside on the SoCal Sports Complex. It will be a modular stadium much like many lower-division soccer teams have made in the past couple years, but will also include permanent amenities like restrooms and concessions that can be used when youth tournaments take place at the larger complex.

While some wonder why the team is going for Oceanside and not San Diego proper, in some ways finding a spot with an agreement easily made in the North County is a good idea. I’ve lived both all around the city of San Diego and in the county, including Oceanside, and while it is a drive from the main part of San Diego to Oceanside, North County has a booming population and not a lot to do beyond the beach and going to malls, so having a soccer team there is a gamble, but one that could really pay off for the micropopulation.

GM and roster

1904 FC announced Alexandre Gontran as the team’s general manager and head of football operations. Gontran, a Paris native, previously worked as an agent (in fact, he is Ba’s agent). You can learn a bit about him here:

Zeigler’s report talks some about the kinds of players the team wants to sign. A European star, and then a bunch of locals. Nothing especially surprising there, in general.

But what about...

I know what you’re going to ask. Isn’t there a lot of moving parts about the NASL right now? What’s going to happen with all that? Is 1904 FC sure they’ll be playing next year?


Stay tuned on that part.

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