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Angels Links: Switzerland, Croatia latest countries to qualify for the World Cup

Senegal and Morocco are also in for Russia 2018.

Switzerland v Northern Ireland - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Play-Off: Second Leg Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Switzerland and Croatia both qualify for the World Cup after first leg victories

Switzerland and Croatia both played to 0-0 draws on Sunday in the second leg of their World Cup playoffs. However both teams won the first legs of their series, and that was enough to send them through to the World Cup. Northern Ireland fought hard, even had a shot cleared off the line, but they were unable to make a breakthrough against a resilient Switzerland team. The other game wasn’t all that exciting, with Greece unable to muster a shot until the 86th minute, and Croatia content to sit on their big first leg lead. The World Cup playoffs have not been great so far, but at least we are getting closer to the full field of teams.

Senegal qualify for the World Cup and South Africa miss out in heartbreaking fashion

Speaking of filling out the World Cup field, another spot has been taken by Senegal. Senegal went undefeated in their group, and no one can say they do not deserve to make the World Cup. However South Africa probably feel very disappointed for missing out. South Africa actually won their matchup with Senegal back in November of 2016, but it was later discovered that the referee tried to fix the match in favor of South Africa. Since South Africa had no knowledge of this, the match results were merely thrown out and the game was replayed. Senegal won 2-0, with the second goal being a very deflating own goal by South Africa. Senegal deserved to qualify, but South Africa will certainly be asking themselves what if.

Hope Solo accused former FIFA president of sexual assault

In the last month or so beginning with disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, there have been a number of women who have felt empowered to speak about when they were sexually assaulted or harassed by powerful men, many of whom are famous. Most of the high profile cases so far have been centered in Hollywood or politics. However, since sexual assault is a societal problem, it was only a matter of time before figures in sports started to be named as well. Last week Hope Solo accused Sepp Blatter of assaulting her at an awards ceremony. It’s good for a number of reasons that he is no longer affiliated with the game.

Top controversies in MLS this year

MLS still has the conference finals and MLS Cup to go this year, but with the international break here, there is time to reflect on what has happened this year. This year has not been short on tense controversial moments during the season. Here’s a look at the Top 5 most controversial moments in MLS this season.

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