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Let the “Robert Lewandowski to LAFC” speculation begin

His wife wants to move to Los Angeles for “our brands.”

ICC Singapore - Bayern v FC Internazionale Photo by Thananuwat Srirasant/Getty Images for ICC

Ok, this one isn’t exactly a rumor, but it’s not something that we should ignore, either.

Los Angeles is one of the cities in the United States (the others usually being New York City and Miami) that carry major influence in the eyes of soccer superstars around the world. Famous athletes vacation in these cities, and many of them desire living here at some point, sometimes while still playing professional soccer.

Given the stated ambitions of incoming MLS expansion team Los Angeles Football Club, get set to hear a lot of these stated desires come up in the coming years. In this case, the chatter comes from the player’s wife.

FC Bayern Muenchen Attends Oktoberfest 2017 Photo by Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images For Paulaner

Anna Lewandowska, a karate champion and nutritionist, is also married to Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski. The couple, both natives of Poland, are eyeing life in the United States, according to a new article from Business Insider Poland this weekend.

I think we will spend some time in the United States, too. We dream of Los Angeles. There we want to develop our brands.

We hope that Robert will end his career at a club in Los Angeles. We can now say that it would be our dream.

Given the publication and Lewandowska’s business ventures, it’s worth noting that her desire to “develop our brands” does not appear to be some kind of vacuous posturing for some magazine spreads in the U.S. She does have a nutrition company and appears to be doing some personal training-style work, too. And Los Angeles is a pretty great place to do nutrition/fitness/wellness work in general.

And then there’s her husband. Lewandowski is 29, and reportedly signed a five-year contract with Bayern Munich in January 2014. Lewandowski is a world-class forward and will be leading Poland to the World Cup next year, but he’s also publicly called out Bayern this year for their administration around the time Carlo Ancelotti was fired, something Bayern brass were reportedly not happy about. As a result, there’s a decent chance player and team could part ways, and considering his last deal came on a free transfer, perhaps he’ll do that again to come to MLS.

Of course, there’s also the fact that there are two MLS teams in LA. While we’re taking the LAFC side of things considering that’s what we write about, there’s an equal chance Lewandowski could join the LA Galaxy, too. After all, the Galaxy do have the track record of signing Robbie Keane when his wife wanted to move to Los Angeles for career reasons, and Keane turned out to be a pretty good superstar for the Galaxy and MLS overall.

So, we’ll see. I think Lewandowska’s announcement about LA, unprompted, means the couple is definitely looking at their options. Perhaps those will include Robert playing in MLS someday, perhaps with LAFC. This is unlikely to happen in the next year, but we’ll keep an eye on it and offer updates if there’s anything tangible.

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