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Walker Zimmerman takes the “LAFC reveal” to a whole new level

Finding creative ways to show off the old ‘ball cap.

Walker Zimmerman (via Twitter)

You’ve probably heard the news now that Walker Zimmerman is heading to Los Angeles Football Club following a trade on Sunday with FC Dallas.

This is a great move for LAFC, a good young player who also has MLS experience. And he’s spent time with the USMNT to boot.

One of the people who is most excited for this move appears to be Walker Zimmerman. Zimmerman, who has shown he is a winner on the field, appears to be one off the field as well. Check out his clever reaction to coming to LAFC, in putting a new spin on the now-trademark reveal wearing an LAFC baseball cap, as done by head coach Bob Bradley and other signings Carlos Vela and Omar Gaber.

That is a fun way to announce you have been traded to another team. Every team needs its fun personalties, lets hope we see more of that from Zimmerman during his time at LAFC. Lets also see if any of the other new LAFC players can top Zimmerman’s social media reaction to joining the team.

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