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Angels Links: Sunil Gulati OUT (of the USSF election)

It’s official: There will be a new president next year.

Soccer: Men's World Cup Soccer Qualifier-Honduras at USA Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Sunil Gulati decides not to run for re-election as U.S. Soccer president

The dominoes seem to never stop falling in the fallout from the U.S. not making the World Cup. Several people have thrown their hat into the ring for the USSF Presidency, but now we have news about the big one: Sunil Gulati, USSF President for the last 12 years, will not seek re-election. It’s possible to be both surprised and not surprised for this announcement. Gulati has been on the end of a lot of heat from even before the U.S. failed to reach the World Cup, so the backlash if he were to run, and win, again would be massive, and as a human being he probably did not want to have that happen to him. On the other hand, we know what he has done for soccer in the United States, and he is certainly qualified to be in that position and probably would have done well in the voting. For many, the number one target for change in the Federation is now gone, which means we can turn our attention to all the candidates.

SUM's Kathy Carter announces candidacy for U.S. Soccer president

And just like that, we turn to the newest USSF presidential candidate, Soccer United Marketing President Kathy Carter. There were reports that Carter was considering a run earlier in the week, and that she would be the favorite for both Don Garber and Gulati for the position (interestingly, over the likes of Gulati’s current vice president, Carlos Cordeiro, who is also running). Again, we have a situation where she is certainly qualified for the position she is running for. She is, like many, a staunch defender of gender equity, and is the only woman among the candidates at this point. She published an open letter that talks about what she wants to do, if you want to take a look. Some of the downsides that people will see in her is the “establishment“ remaining in power and her support from Gulati, and the conflict of interest that could be in play due to her ties to SUM.

Stadium site emerges in Austin for possible MLS franchise

Local Austin, Texas reports say that there is a preferred stadium site for an MLS franchise should Anthony Precourt move the Columbus Crew to Austin (#SaveTheCrew). Butler Shores Metropolitan Park is owned by the city of Austin and has been described as “perfect“ for an MLS urban stadium by Richard Suttle, an Austin-based attorney working for Precourt Sports Ventures. The park is in the heart of downtown Austin, but some reports say the stadium could cost $200 million and require a city election, which would not be according to Precourt’s plan of wanting a stadium by the summer.

Kevin De Bruyne disappointed Paul Pogba will miss Manchester derby

Kevin De Bruyne says that he is disappointed that Paul Pogba will miss the Manchester Derby this upcoming weekend. Pogba will start his three-game suspension for his challenge on Hector Bellerin in Manchester United’s 3-1 win over Arsenal over the weekend, and had said before that he would not mind Manchester City players getting injured to help United’s title hopes. De Bruyne says he does not believe karma is at work in this situation and says he wishes City could play against the best team and players possible, and that it is a shame Pogba will not be in the match. This is essentially the same attitude that a neutral will approach the game with: it will be a cracking match, but I wish I could see Pogba in it as well.

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