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Don Garber on MLS expansion chase: “San Diego’s looking good”

Off the cuff, but maybe that’s the most honest of all.

Tag Heuer Makes History With Major League Soccer And US Soccer Partnerships Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for TAG Heuer

MLS Commissioner Don Garber was on CNBC on Tuesday, doing an in-person interview with the “Power Lunch” program. The segment was mostly talking about the basics of MLS and the business side of things, but a very interesting remark made by Garber, seemingly off the cuff, appears to give more of a boost to San Diego’s expansion prospects.

When one of the show’s hosts expressed an interest in San Diego getting an expansion team in the next round, with two teams expected to be announced later this year, Garber quickly responded, “San Diego’s looking good.”

It seemed like a very informal comment, but sometimes those reactionary responses reveal something deeper. Is San Diego on the inside track to get one of the next four expansion slots? As Garber said himself, from a league perspective it appears to be “looking good.”

You can watch the full interview over on CNBC’s website.

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