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San Diego’s “Footy McFooty Face” literally smashes LAFC logo

Looks like the rivalry (between nonexistent teams) is on!

San Diego’s MLS expansion bid held a “name the team” vote recently, and wouldn’t you know it, the people spoke and selected Footy McFooty Face as the name for the prospective team. Really!

Then, the bid group released this video yesterday. I’ll be real, though — I’ve seen more people casually walk around barefoot in San Diego than any other place I’ve lived in my life, so it kind of fits?

I digress. Take a look at the video, which truly runs the gamut of emotions:

I like the way the San Diego group made a grotesque crest, printed up T-shirts and convinced locals to enthusiastically declare their allegiance for the team, and still come clean and explain they were got in their grand democratic experiment within the same video. The tone was pretty much perfect.

Still, I’m sure LA Galaxy fans are snickering over a not-real team smashing its logo alongside a soon-to-be-real-but-not-yet-fully-existent team in Los Angeles Football Club. LAFC 2018, Footy McFootyFace SD 2020? We’ll see.

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