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LAFC 2017 salaries: Two players currently under contract

MLS Players Union reveals new LAFC player under contract.

2013 MLS SuperDraft Presented By Adidas
Alvarez: One of two players on the books for LAFC.
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Tuesday was time for an annual rite of passage in MLS: It’s MLS salary release day! Twice a year, the MLS Players Union releases salary information for every player signed to the league.

This time, that includes Los Angeles Football Club for the first time. LAFC, of course, won’t start play until next year, but at the moment they have two players on MLS contracts, awaiting the start of play.

LAFC 2017 Salaries

Player Base Salary Guaranteed Salary
Player Base Salary Guaranteed Salary
Carlos Alvarez $65,004 $65,004
Monday Bassey Etim $53,004 $53,004
TOTAL $118,008 $118,008

The first player, Carlos Alvarez, we knew about, while the second, Etim, is a total surprise. Alvarez is on loan this season to Orange County SC, and while Etim is not officially an Orange County SC player, with no information listed on the team or USL league websites about him, he lists himself as an Orange County SC player on his own social media channels. It appears he’s going on loan to Orange County from LAFC for the season.

Obviously, LAFC, as the only existent team in MLS not yet playing, have the lowest payroll in the league. They also have the fewest players. But expect a few more players to be listed when the second round of the salary info to be released in late summer or early fall.

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