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Get a peek of LAFC’s stadium from your future seat

A look at what LAFC’s stadium will have to offer in the north end.

Courtesy of LAFC

Editor’s note: Welcome a new contributor, who likes to go by the nom de plume of HearnsHouse, to Angels on Parade. In his debut article, he talks about the seat view mock-ups of Banc of California Stadium.

For close to two years, all that Los Angeles Football Club fans have been able to see of the club’s future home were digital renderings of what the stadium would hopefully one day look like. When revealed, the renderings of the stadium were impressive and garnered praise from the fan base and from around the league. But the fans are now finally given a chance to see what it will be like to step foot inside of the Banc of California Stadium.

Courtesy of LAFC

The website Seats 3D gives a panoramic view of LAFC’s future home from every seat in the stadium. The views portrayed here will not disappoint. Having the capability of seeing every inch of the stadium, albeit a 3D version of it, is something new for the LAFC fan to experience while the stadium is still under construction.

What most fans are probably wondering when it comes to the stadium is whether or not LAFC will follow Orlando City’s lead and implement a safe standing supporters section. From what we can see on Seats 3D they have not, and a request for clarification on the matter from LAFC last week was not answered.

A view from sec. 109 looking towards the north end.

Now while this shows the future supporter’s section having regular stadium seating, this shot should be taken with a grain of salt. Back in October Patrick Aviles, head of LAFC supporter relations, spoke on the topic of LAFC putting in a safe standing zone while on the Heart of LAFC Podcast and insisted that the supporters groups and the architects of the stadium, Gensler, have spoken about what they want and don’t want in the North End and “are actively looking into the possibility of safe standing in the supporters’ section.”

Regardless of the fine details, this preview proves what most of us all thought about the future of Banc of California Stadium: It’ll be beautiful. And if there’s one thing LAFC is wanting to accomplish with this stadium is to have it be the crown jewel of the MLS. Big money and big names are currently what they’re priding themselves on and, assuming they saw the glowing reaction to Orlando City’s wall, then there will possibly be one in Banc of California Stadium, as well. A bigger, more expensive wall, but a wall nonetheless.

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