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Angels Links: St. Totteringham’s day is cancelled

Plus swearing in the women’s game, and Mario going full Balotelli.

Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Tottenham beat Arsenal, will finish above the Gunners for the first time in 21 years

Tottenham defeated Arsenal 2-0 to win the North London Derby and keep the pace with Chelsea in the Premier League race. This was the last North London Derby at White Hart Lane, as Tottenham are set to move to complete their new stadium in two years. Andrew Mangan of ESPNFC talks about how disappointing the game, and this season itself, has been for Arsenal.

Why are women’s pro players expected not to swear?

In the men’s game in high level soccer, players swear all the time. At opponents, at the refs, sometimes even at fans. However its more noticeable, and more talked about when someone sees a women’s player swear during a game. Chicago Red Stars forward Stephanie McCaffrey talks about this over at Sporting Chic, and why there is a double standard.

Another action packed weekend in MLS

New England Revolution gave up a three-goal lead in the last 15 minutes of their game with the Seattle Sounders, Kaká scored a goal for Orlando City in his return from injury, and D.C. United scored three goals after going down early to win in Atlanta. Matt Doyle discusses this and more from the weekend for

What can Atletico Madrid take from their previous defeats by Real Madrid

Atletico Madrid square off against their bitter rivals Real Madrid in a Champions League semifinal starting tomorrow. It’s the 4th straight year the two Madrid clubs have played in the knockout stages of the Champions League, and Real have won every matchup. Jeremy Beren of Into the Calderon talks about what Atletico need to take from those defeats to turn the tables on Real this time.

Mario Balotelli has the quintessential Mario Balotelli game

Mario Balotelli has been off the radar of major soccer stories for a while, struggling with form and injuries the past couple years. He has had a bounce back year this year though for Nice, leading them to qualify for the Champions League next year. Nice defeated PSG 3-1 on Sunday, dealing a potential death blow to PSG’s title hopes. The game was the full Mario Balotelli experience. Balotelli scored a great goal to take the lead for Nice, showing again how talented of a player he is. Later, he pulled a series or tricks and showboating moves, goading Blaise Matuidi into fouling him, and later getting into it with Edinson Cavani. I for one am thrilled Balotelli will be back in the Champions League next year. The world just isn’t the same without Balotelli scoring great goals and pissing people off.

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