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LAFC unveil new Banc of California Stadium live cameras

Seating tiers being installed.

Courtesy of LAFC

Los Angeles Football Club have been showing the progress on their future home, Banc of California Stadium, all along, and this week, they’ve provided some updated views of the construction process.

The team has positioned some new cameras for the site, with real progress being made. See for yourself:

The best part? Not only can you see the slope around the perimeter of the site, but the seating tiers are being installed(!):

It’s really, really happening!

You can find a live look at what’s going down on the stadium cam page on LAFC’s website. They’ve got two looks, so you can get a couple different perspectives of how the construction is coming along. From the looks of it, it’s coming along well.

Who’s ready for 2018? Every time I see the stadium cam, I’m impressed with all the work being done to get it ready for the debut season. Can’t wait.

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