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Orange County NASL team files trademark on possible name

Looks like it won’t be the Wolves after all.

Now that NASL is coming to Southern California with the announcement last week that an expansion team is coming to Orange County, comes the logical next question of what the new team will be called.

Bill Reese, who has a knack for finding new soccer name trademark applications, found one for the NASL side. The link is legit because the address listed on the application and the address of majority owner Pete Capriotti’s company are the same.

No doubt, folks will debate the merits of this name, although it certainly fits the current era of going for safe “classic” names that tend to be bland but not obnoxious.

Unless this is a decoy, it also indicates the new NASL will not in fact take the Los Angeles Wolves branding, a link we speculated on because of the ties between the UPSL team LA Wolves FC, which revived the old NASL branding a few years ago, and Capriotti’s expansion team. Given the team will be playing in Fullerton, however, perhaps using a Los Angeles brand was a step too far, as it’s been done for other Orange County teams but remains controversial.

The team has a placeholder website up,, with a form for those interested to fill out for more info.

We’ll see what happens for certain, but looks like the picture is becoming more clear on the identity of the coming NASL team. We’ll keep you posted on developments in this story.

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