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Looks like the LAFC-LA Galaxy rivalry is heating up

Not even a game played yet!

MLS: LAFC Groundbreaking Ceremony Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Football Club released some news over the weekend about their stadium and supporters, with the supporters’ groups coming together to form “The 3252” union and the supporters’ section at Banc of California Stadium to be a safe standing section.

The club and supporters have been on a big artwork push lately, both before and during the event. Like this:

Jake Schwartz

Here’s a shot of some work in progress last week before the event:

But it appears that LAFC’s creative flourishes, there and around town, were not appreciated by all locals.


So much for the party line generally being that the LA Galaxy don’t really care about LAFC. I mean, that’s never really been true. Plus, some of the critiques of LAFC aren’t completely out of line, like the fact that LAFC haven’t played a game yet (besides the academy, please don’t @ me).

Anyway, looks like the new LA rivalry is alive and kicking, LAFC not yet playing in MLS or not. Here’s hoping all sides keep it safe, regardless (and bummer to the artist(s) whose work in the LAFC mural was vandalized), but we’ll see what the next round will entail.

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