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LAFC wishlist: Possible TAM signings from Premier League

A few players released by their teams would make interesting signings for the expansion side.

Manchester City v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Last week the Premier League published a list of players that had been released by their premier league teams. Some of them would make interesting signings for Los Angeles Football Club next year, perhaps using TAM (Targeted Allocation Money). Basically, using TAM allows MLS teams to spend on good players that aren’t quite at the Designated Player level, but still would command a decent price on the MLS market. There are a few interesting names we saw on the list of players leaving their Premier League teams. None of these players have been mentioned as potential LAFC targets, but seeing as how the team is being built from scratch, i’m sure LAFC management is looking at any and every option out there.

Gael Clichy

Gael Clichy is a French international full back, having previously played at a high level for Arsenal and Manchester City in the Premier League. Clichy isn’t coming off the best season, but he is a good attacking player who is capable defensively, and he has a lot of playing experience, which is always nice to have. Clichy is still only 31, so he figures to have a few good years left in him, and could slot in nicely as a left back in MLS.

Jesus Navas

Another available Man City player is Jesus Navas. Unlike his former teammates, Navas is not a defender, he is primarily a winger and possibly a second striker depending on the situation. Navas is a good crosser of the ball, as well as a good dribbler, both good attributes for a winger. If LAFC do sign a big-name striker as is rumored they are trying to do, Navas could compliment the striker well, and spur LAFC’s attack in the coming season. Rumors are hometown club Sevilla are interested in Navas, so he might be the least likely potential signing on this list, but you can’t rule anything out just yet.

Mathieu Flamini

Mathieu Flamini is also an intriguing name that is out there. Flamini is a defensive midfielder primarily known for his tackling and breaking up opponents possession in the midfield. Flamini has played for Marseille, Arsenal, and AC Milan throughout his career. With all the high powered attackers the LAFC are rumored to be interested in, they would need some steel in the midfield to cover the backline while the attackers do their thing. Flamini could be someone who fills this role for LAFC. Not to mention coming to a place that values green technology could be appealing for a man whose side-business is to try and change the world through an emerging energy source.

These players are all similar in that they are recognizable but not household names for Americans. They are still decent to good players, but definitely not stars or DP candidates. Also none of them are young up-and-comers. On the plus side, they all have experience playing big games for big clubs, and they could help develop younger players, and bring a good mentality to the team if any of them ended up signing. Who knows if any of these players choose MLS for their next destination, but if they do, they could all fill a role on LAFC, and they would bring high levels of experience to the team.

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