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LAFC hoping to name first head coach “in the next month or so”

Getting closer (probably)...

Jake Schwartz

With the transfer rumors really cycling into gear this week with Mexican star Andres Guardado being linked to 2018 MLS expansion club Los Angeles Football Club, many are also wondering about the state of the club’s head coach search.

Kevin Baxter of the Los Angeles Times expanded on his tweet corroborating the original Guardado rumor on Friday with a full report. While mostly focusing on the Guardado rumor, Baxter’s report included a key tidbit from LAFC GM and soccer operations head John Thorrington regarding the timeline of the coaching search, saying the following in his story from Friday:

Thorrington said he expects the team to name a coach “in the next month or so.”

That timeline substantially advances one Thorrington gave to FourFourTwo’s Scott French earlier this week, when he said the team has until January to hire a coach and implying the team could actually take that long to hire one.

FOURFOURTWO: What's your timeline on hiring a coach?

JOHN THORRINGTON: January. In terms of need, the way we look at it, the position hasn't changed, and we're doing our due diligence.

Thorrington did note in that FourFourTwo interview that ideally he would like to have a coach in sooner, but this interview seemed to indicate the situation was more fluid.

Of course, “expecting” to name a coach in roughly a month isn’t the same thing as saying it’s definitely going to happen. We aren’t privy to what’s happening behind the scenes, if the coach is targeted and it’s a matter of hammering out a contract or if the team is still trying to decide between candidates or awaiting a response from their target. At any rate, hopefully LAFC will have their coach in place in a matter of weeks. Stay tuned.

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