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Andres Guardado on LAFC speculation: “I'm not thinking of leaving just to leave“

He says there have been approaches, but nothing is official yet.

Portugal v Mexico: Group A - FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017 Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

On Thursday ESPN’s John Sutcliffe reported that PSV and Mexico midfielder Andres Guardado was set for a move to Los Angeles Football Club, as their first big name signing. He would be a very marketable player for the club considering the bilingual culture of Southern California, as well as his success in Europe. The original report was that Guardado had agreed to a four-year deal.

On Friday, Kevin Baxter of the LA Times tweeted about the same potential signing, saying that Guardado had not yet agreed to terms but that the sides are “very close.“

Now, we have a new report, from this article by Tom Marshall of ESPN FC. On Sunday, after Mexico’s match against Portugal at the Confederations cup in Russia, the 30-year-old Guardado said that he is not on the brink of a move to the United States.

“They've placed me in MLS for three years. They say I'm tied to Atlanta and then somewhere else,” he told reporters. This comes after Sutcliffe reported last summer that Guardado would sign for Atlanta United, only for that signing not to come to fruition. He was also linked to the Chicago Fire, and then they signed Bastian Schweinsteiger.

He did not, for the record, deny the link to the MLS, but did deny the idea of a contract.

“There are approaches; they've made approaches from a long time ago and there are always offers. I've still got a year left in PSV and I'm not thinking of leaving just to leave,” he said. “I'm happy there.”

There certainly seems to be smoke in this transfer rumor, that could very well lead to a fire, but as of now it’s clear that there is no current contract. It’s also clear that there is plenty of interest in him for him to be talking about “there are approaches,“ but we may be more steps away than we originally thought to seeing the first big signing for LAFC.

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