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Will Ferrell begs Chicharito to join LAFC

Make the most of what you’ve got, right?

Will Ferrell is probably the most famous owner of Los Angeles Football Club, alongside Magic Johnson. The movie star seems like a good hype man for LAFC, going on all kinds of shows to represent the club, hanging out with the Premier League champions last summer, and using construction equipment when the occasion calls for it.

On Monday, Ferrell went on ESPN2’s Nación program, a bilingual SportsNation show, and talked about LA sports. During his segment, he made an impassioned plea, in English and Spanish, to rumored LAFC transfer target Chicharito:

Listen, maybe Chicharito is a Ferrell fan. Maybe Ricky Bobby is one of his favorite characters in the movies. Maybe he appreciated the absurd telenovela spoof “Casa de mi Padre.” You just never know.

But all’s fair in love and soccer transfers. If Chicharito ultimately ends up with LAFC, whenever he wants, we may have to look back on Ferrell’s bilingual begging as a turning point in the saga.

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