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Only 32 days until MLS summer transfer window opens

Will LAFC have a signing to report in the coming weeks?

MLS: Columbus Crew SC at Toronto FC Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s where we currently stand with 2018 MLS expansion team Los Angeles Football Club’s roster: Two players signed, 26 to 28 players left to pick up by March.

The two players currently signed, midfielder Carlos Alvarez and forward Monday Etim, are playing on loan for now at USL affiliate Orange County SC. So what about the rest?

Of course, the majority of the players who will be signed for the inaugural season will come in December and after, between the expansion draft, trades, the MLS draft, the waiver and Re-Entry drafts (MLS has a lot of drafts, by the way), not to mention free agent signings and signings or transfers from abroad.

But do we expect LAFC to sign a player or two or three before then? Yes, we do. So, if LAFC is going to sign a player and lock him up on their roster this year, the secondary transfer window in MLS opens on July 10.

Can they sign players out of contract or make agreements in principle before that? Yes, they can. Unlike most teams they are not bound by the current roster they have and the actual games to be played, so the upcoming transfer window is more of a suggestion than a full-on rule.

But we’re likely entering the 90 window when LAFC is most likely going to announce a big splash signing, with the European and most of the Latin American leagues in the offseason right now. When will we hear of the signing the supporters are waiting for? Recent history of expansion teams suggest it should be here before long.

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