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LAFC Transfer Wish List: Mario Balotelli

Why Super Mario would be great at LAFC.

Liverpool v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Transfer season will soon be upon us, and it is a time where agents and various media organizations (I’m looking at you British tabloids) throw out wild rumors of players moving from team to team. And then at the end 90 percent of the reported moves do not happen. However, that doesn’t mean its not fun to speculate.

This isn’t even a move that is really being rumored about, it’s just one that I would personally love, and think this player would be great at Los Angeles Football Club. And that is Mario Balotelli. Balotelli is quintessentially LA — flashy, stylish, polarizing, and a player that people want to see perform.

Balotelli’s past escapades, the fireworks incident, the flashy cars, the hairstyles, would fit right in with the LA lifestyle, and would bring a big spotlight on to MLS, and its newest team.

Beyond all that, on the field Balotelli is a very skilled player. Fast, good with the ball, a good finisher, and strong enough to hold off and overpower defenders. He would relish squaring up with MLS defenders, and with the right players and system around him, he could challenge the top goalscorers in the league for the MLS scoring title year after year.

He’s only 26, he’s played at some of the world’s biggest clubs, he’s looking for a new landing spot, he’s an Italian international, and there’s enough baggage to make MLS a possible destination when usually a player of his caliber would not even consider a move stateside.

LAFC want to win over fans, and make the heart of LA their own, overshadowing the LA Galaxy. To do this they need at least a degree of starpower, and almost no one’s star shines brighter than Mario Balotelli.

While this transfer is a longshot, LA is a city where dreams come true. Instead of “Why Always Me”, I say, why not Balotelli?

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