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If Will Ferrell begging Chicharito to join LAFC didn’t work, nothing was going to

Your loss, Cheech.

Chelsea FC v Inter Milan
Hey! You don’t say that.
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In late June, Angels on Parade reported that Los Angeles Football Club part-owner Will Ferrell, also known for many movies and half of American funny movie references, begged Mexican International Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez to join the team, as LAFC searches for a Designated Player to start their roster before they begin MLS play in 2018.

When I saw that Will Ferrell, LAFC’s unofficial hype man and one of the biggest stars aboard the LAFC hype train alongside Magic Johnson, begged Chicharito in both English and Spanish to join the team, I thought we were two weeks tops from a deal. I honestly thought that would do the trick.

Because when Will Ferrell comes calling, I find it hard to believe one would not listen.

I have been proven wrong by Chicharito in this case.

On Thursday it was officially announced that the all-time leader scorer for Mexico would be moving from Bayer Leverkusen to West Ham United of the Premier League. Which means despite Will Ferrell BEGGING in TWO languages for him to join the club, Chicharito went elsewhere.

Chicharito sits on a throne of lies.

Look, I’m all for making the right move for your career. Taylor Twellman of ESPN reported that Chicharito was looking for a $8-9 million net salary to come to MLS, which is a hefty fee for any club and would be the highest salary in the league. It is also notable that since Hernandez was still under contract at Leverkusen, West Ham is paying a double-digit million transfer fee, which would just add to the cost.

And yet, I maintain that if Will Ferrell speaks, you listen. Will Ferrell is an LAFC co-owner because he went to the announcement for the team’s crest, and took his chair up to the stage and said “I want in.“ If Will Ferrell called me tomorrow, and said, “Hey man, come to LAFC, please, we can do great things and we will make it worth your while,“ I would ask when I would start. I would not, for what it is worth, go to West Ham, because you know who is not a co-owner of West Ham?

Will Ferrell.

He wakes up every morning and he pisses excellence.

I’m just saying, if Will Ferrell begging Chicharito to join the team didn’t work, or was not convincing enough, I don’t think there’s much more that could have been done to convince him. If that didn’t do the trick, nothing would have. And as much of a shame as that is, at least LAFC still has a pretty cool ownership group, and will probably, hopefully, eventually sign a Designated Player so we can get this party started.

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