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Angels Links: The refugee soccer story you have to read

Plus, Freddy Adu and David Beckham! In 2017!

Kids Football in Soweto-2010 FIFA World Cup Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Escaping Kakuma: A story of soccer in a refugee camp

If you are looking to settle in and read an important story, make it SB Nation’s feature from Monday on soccer in the Kakuma Premier League, located in a refugee camp in Kenya with over 180,000 residents. There, you’ll read about soccer, get to know some of the best players, and find out how residents carve out a life in difficult circumstances.

Freddy Adu on trial in Poland, but manager calls it “a joke”

The interminable saga of Freddy Adu, onetime American wunderkind, continues, as he’s been spotted on trial at Polish first division side Sandecja Nowy Sacz. The twist, however, is that the 28-year-old is not wanted by the team’s manager, who called the whole incident “a joke. I read in the media about his trial. I asked the sporting director [Arkadiusz Alexander] why he did not tell me anything [about Adu]. After all, he sent me a text message that there 'will be a player on trial' and that they all knew. Marketing knew, the staff at the club knew... Only the coach did not know who the trialist was." Ummm...that doesn’t sound very good.

MLS Homegrown game is tonight

The latest edition of the MLS Homegrown game is this evening, as Homegrown players from around MLS will square off against Chivas de Guadalajara’s U-20 team. The Homegrown team will be coached by Brian McBride and Mike Magee, and as the game itself is becoming a tradition, we may see some of the stars of tomorrow start to make a mark in this game ahead of tomorrow’s MLS All-Star Game against Real Madrid. The Homegrown game is on tonight at 5 pm PT on UDN and Univision Deportes’ Facebook page.

It might be do-or-die time for Miami’s MLS team

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but MLS Commissioner Don Garber told ESPN’s Jeff Carlisle on Monday that MLS may be nearing an endpoint of some kind on the proposed MLS expansion team in Miami helmed by David Beckham. While Garber refused to say for certain that a mooted vote by the MLS Board of Governors will definitely happen on Wednesday to give Beckham’s proposal the final yay or nay, it sounds like that’s a strong possibility. At the same time, the impatience over the impasse, with the project originally announced in Feb. 2014, over three and a half years ago and still no definitive progress to make it a done deal, is clearly wearing on MLS.

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