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Javier Hernandez defends Carlos Vela’s move to LAFC

Chicharito blasts critics while standing up for teammate.

Mexico Training - FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017 Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

The ink was barely dry on Carlos Vela’s new deal with Los Angeles Football Club before he started receiving criticism for the move. MLS is no longer just a league where older players come for a paycheck, but it still faces criticism for its level of play.

Lately some high profile Mexican players have received criticism, as brothers Giovani and Jonathan dos Santos are now with the LA Galaxy, and Vela just joined LAFC. Some have criticized the move and think this could lead to a lack of ambition, and a weaker Mexican National Team.

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez pushed back against the criticism of Vela when asked about it on Wednesday, saying, “I’m happy to join West Ham. That doesn’t make me any better player or person than [Vela] or Jonathan Dos Santos... I don’t like being used as an example for coming here, because i’m different to them. I’m nothing more of a person or player, any more ambitious than them. Mexican players must be respected.”

He went on to complain about the general negativity towards Mexican players.

"They will be living a better life. Why is that wrong? Why is it that [Mexicans] have to be used to suffering? Because ‘Chicharito’ is in England, in London, playing in a country with a different language, he's worth it and the rest are not, whenever they are not.

"They are my teammates and I love them and admire them. I'm tired of looking at the negative side of things whenever questions are made in Mexico -- whether we win, lose or draw; whether some guys play abroad, whether they're pursuing their happiness; whether some players grow. It's just about everything. There's always a negative side to everything."

Hernandez makes some good points here. His situation is different than any other player, and Mexican players should not be criticized and thought to be making the Mexican national team worse by moving to MLS. True, MLS does not have the same competition as La Liga, but Vela has the opportunity to do something truly special, be the star player for a new MLS team on the rise in Los Angeles. Despite some of the fears and criticism, Vela, along with the Dos Santos brothers and any other El Tri players that could come here, could help raise the talent and competition level of both MLS and the Mexican National Team.

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