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Carlos Vela called his agent to help him get to LAFC

Sounds like he really wants to come to Los Angeles.

Courtesy of LAFC

MLS expansion team Los Angeles Football Club has been telling reporters for some time that coaches and players have been reaching out to them and asking to join the new team, set to launch in 2018.

On Friday, there was proof those claims were real.

Unveiling new Designated Player signing Carlos Vela in a press conference at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, the Mexican international admitted his interest in the new team.

“I called my agent and said ‘I want to go there’,” said Vela. “That’s in my dreams, of course. Then when [they called] I said ‘of course I want to go.’ And now I’m here.”

Vela, 28, will join LAFC in time for the start of the 2018 season, staying with his current club Real Sociedad through the end of this year.

“Well, I was thinking about this years ago, because I [had] a lot of opportunities to come here in the past,” Vela said after the press conference. “But I was waiting for a good moment, a good city, a good team, and I think it is now. I think this is a great place to be.”

Vela had been most tangibly linked to the Colorado Rapids in 2015. That year, the team was attempting to pull out of a major slump, something they did not do until the following year. Vela reported listened to the Rapids’ offer, and opted at the time to remain in Spain.

When it came to LAFC, Vela said negotiations began in earnest last month, and he decided the time was right. With a family, including a baby son, Vela cited the desire to be closer to his family in making the move. And he couldn’t be more excited.

“My dream’s coming true.”

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