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Carlos Vela already trying to bring Antoine Griezmann to LAFC

They were teammates at Real Sociedad, maybe it could happen?

Real Sociedad de Futbol Training and Press Conference
Vela and Griezmann in the La Real days.
Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Antoine Griezmann’s star has exploded the past few years, as the French attacker has become indispensable for club and country. He was the subject of considerable transfer speculation earlier this year, thought to be on the move from Atletico Madrid to Manchester United for a then-record transfer fee (pre-Neymar to PSG era).

Griezmann is remaining at Atletico for another season, at least, and the 26-year-old remains a hot commodity. But could another, left-field transfer option emerge for the forward?

Griezmann’s former teammate at Real Sociedad, newly unveiled Los Angeles Football Club forward Carlos Vela, reportedly told supporters assembled at a rally in Los Angeles on Friday that he wants Griezmann to come to LAFC:

Yes, yes, ok, we know it’s pretty unlikely if Griezmann wants to come to MLS, it won’t be for several years. It sounds like a pipe dream.

It must be said, however, that even with that reality standing in the way, Vela and Griezmann remain friends, so if Vela does like MLS and LAFC he could give his pal a hard press in the months and years ahead. And Griezmann seemed to have a grand time this summer when he visited Los Angeles, including an LA Dodgers game. The Dodgers, as you probably know, share a lot of owners with LAFC...

And Griezmann did check out an MLS game while he was in Los Angeles, although of course it was an LA Galaxy game (surely because LAFC haven’t started playing yet):

Is this idle speculation? Yes, of course. I’m sure LAFC would love to have Griezmann if they could. I’m not sure the price would be right for them, and I’m not sure Griezmann has even an inkling of interest in coming to MLS right now or even in the medium-term.

But maybe, just maybe, Vela is sowing the seeds for a reunion with his buddy at LAFC at some point in the future. We’ll see.

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