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How the LA Galaxy (indirectly) helped bring Carlos Vela to LAFC

Unintended consequence of signing their Mexican stars?

Mexico Training at Soccer City-2010 FIFA World Cup Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Carlos Vela had his introductory press conference with Los Angeles Football Club on Friday, and he talked about why he wanted to come to MLS, and LA specifically.

He called his agent up to express his interest in LAFC, he said. But it sounds like a couple of Mexico teammates playing for the LA Galaxy helped pave the way for the move to LAFC.

Vela mentioned how he had in the past he had talked with fellow El Tri player Giovani Dos Santos about making a move to MLS. He will now be crosstown rivals with both dos Santos brothers, with Jonathan recently signing with the Galaxy as well.

“To have friends close to you is a good way to start,” Vela said after Friday’s press conference. “I think it’s an important feeling to have friends in the same city.”

Don’t expect Vela to take it easy on them because they are friends, though, especially when they play for the local rivals.

“But when I come to the pitch, I just want to kill the dos Santos brothers,” he concluded with a grin.

Jonathan dos Santos also spoke about the signing of Vela, and repeated a theme that their fellow El Tri teammate Chicharito so passionately spoke about earlier in the week.

“I am happy,” said dos Santos in an article on this week. “Very happy for him because as you said, he is like a brother to me and Gio. As I mentioned before, we know the league is growing, more players are wanting to come and that is why he is coming.

“I have spoken with him, and he is coming to be a leader in his team and in MLS and to keep growing as a footballer, and in the end you also have to look for that happiness.”

Vela had plenty of options for the next destination in his career. According to the player himself, he had offers from teams in each of the 4 biggest leagues in Europe, Spain, Germany, England, and Italy.

Maybe a rising tide lifts all boats, but the raves from Giovani dos Santos may turn out to be a double-edged sword for the Galaxy, if Vela hits the ground running for the new neighbors. The Galaxy may come to regret the role the Dos Santos brothers had in Carlos Vela coming to LAFC. This will be a fun rivalry to watch come next year.

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