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Orange County SC promote new stadium with ABC 7 visit

Wyss and Lacroix get the word out about the team and new venue.

It’s an exciting time for Orange County SC, who may be in the midst of a punishing month of games but who get to open their new permanent home at Orange County Great Park this week.

The club officially played their first game at the new venue on Tuesday against the Tulsa Roughnecks, but on Friday they’ll pull out all the stops in the stadium’s grand opening against Phoenix Rising FC.

And when you’re a lower league soccer team in a media market as jam-packed for sports and entertainment as greater Los Angeles, you need to hustle on the marketing front in every available way. So it was great to see Orange County SC get a few minutes with ABC 7 on Wednesday promoting the game on Friday, with general manager Oliver Wyss speaking to the anchors and Duke Lacroix playing a bit of keepy-uppy for the camera.

Getting the exposure is of course wonderful, and I hope this is the start of OCSC trying to bust its way into the mainstream culture as much as possible. But there are a few hilarious aspects of this spot:

  • The anchors are visibly hazy on the details of soccer
  • The weatherman jumps in, with a suit on, to play with Lacroix WITH HIS BACK TO THE CAMERA — you’d think he knows that makes for terrible TV
  • Wyss’ banter about Lacroix’s left-footedness (hope he’s able to play soon, btw)

Anyway, credit to ABC 7 for no goof ups on the graphics on the segment, and hopefully the spot inspires some fans to come out to Friday’s big game and beyond.

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