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Angels Links: Neymar’s teammates tired of the ongoing transfer saga

Aren’t we all really?

International Champions Cup 2017 - Real Madrid v FC Barcelona Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Neymar’s Barcelona teammates fed up with unending transfer drama

As the Neymar saga drags on and on, people are getting tired of the whole situation (You can count me as one of those people). Unsurprisingly, Neymar’s teammates (at least for now) at Barcelona are done with the whole situation. They have been supportive of Neymar, but feel like he is prolonging the situation, and that the whole thing has been overshadowing Barcelona’s performance in the pre season so far. With the threats Barcelona are reportedly making to report Paris Saint-Germain and the overall drama of the whole thing, i think we would all like this thing to be resolved soon, and reports this morning are that it’s nearly over the line. Whew.

England women’s national team goalie played 14 minutes with a broken leg

England women’s national team goalie Karen Bardsley (who happens to be a California native) suffered an injury in their Euro game against France, but she opted to try and play through it. 15 mins later she had to be subbed out, and Bardsley later discovered she had been playing on a broken leg. Bardsley must be uncommonly tough to have played through a broken leg.

Who is poised to sink and swim in their second season in the Premier League?

Some players have a great debut season in their new league, only to be less successful going forward. And some players struggle in their first season, only to go one to have great careers after getting used to their new teams and new league. Michael Cox of ESPNFC takes a look at 6 players in their second years at the premier league, and how they might fare going forward.

MLS homegrown players draw Chivas U-20’s 2-2

Kortne Ford of the Colorado Rapids rescued a draw with a late goal for the MLS homegrown players in their game against Chivas U-20’s. The MLS Homegrowns actually scored a goal in the first minute, but Chivas came back with two goals and looked set to win, until Ford’s goal right at the death.

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