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Orange County SC’s Charlie Lyon reportedly too great to insult

San Antonio FC supporter group at a loss for #bantz.

Courtesy of Orange County SC.

Charlie Lyon is the starting goalkeeper for Orange County SC, quietly plying his trade in USL and doing a fantastic job in his first season on the team.

He’s also apparently banter-proof.

With OC set to play San Antonio FC on Saturday for the first time this season, a San Antonio supporter group publicly (and humorously) aired their frustrations about Lyon appearing to be such a gosh-darn good guy.

If you’re a goalkeeper or have ever sat behind one during a game, you know the abuse opposing GKs receive during games can often be, um, stout, and can sometimes truly be inappropriate. To see the SAFC Gardeners taking this funny tack, either out of genuine desperation or because they’re trying to mix it up, is great either way.

For his part, Lyon was, probably for the first time ever, really looking forward to hearing from the opposing supporters tomorrow.

And of course the roasting began on Friday before folks went to the stadium for the game.

It’s obviously great to see Orange County have such a great guy on their team, and let’s hope the #AngryCompliments movement takes off.

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