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Portland Timbers video calls LAFC “megastar,” roasts “Carson Galaxy”

Science really is fun.

Earlier this season, the LA Galaxy put out a hilarious video roasting the Portland Timbers and a couple of diving players:

The Timbers’ initial response was lackluster:

Ok, sure. Portland appeared to “self-own” on that, which made the video even funnier.

But five months later (which, yeah), the Timbers made a response, after beating the Galaxy 3-1 on Sunday.

Portland went far more subtle, but got a fair few digs in on the Galaxy in their “Science is fun” response:

Of particular note to this site, which of course covers Los Angeles Football Club:

  • LAFC is called “The Megastar”
  • They’re called the “Carson Galaxy,” a favorite dig for LAFC partisans.

And you’ll note LAFC’s twitter account was fairly chummy with the Timbers’ account during Sunday’s win over the Galaxy:

Wonder what the next entry will be in this friendly feud? Will LAFC get involved the video warz in the future? Stay tuned for the next entry of “As the Meme Turns.”

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