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LAFC will not be in FIFA 18

You’ll have to wait for FIFA 19 to get the full treatment.

Gamescom 2017 Photo by Lukas Schulze/Getty Images

The FIFA video game series by EA Sports is the most popular and most successful soccer video game out there. The latest version, FIFA 18, is set to be released on September 29th.

LAFC will not be in the latest version of FIFA, and seeing as how LAFC don’t have much of a roster at this point, that’s not exactly a surprise. Given that all the other MLS teams are in FIFA 18, I think it’s a safe bet that LAFC will make their FIFA debut next year.

One member of LAFC will be in the game though, and that is Carlos Vela. Since Vela is on loan with Real Sociedad he will appear in the game as a player for Real Sociedad, as well as for the Mexican National team.

For those who care about the FIFA player ratings, Vela is rated as an 82 overall in FIFA 18 (ratings are out of 100). Vela’s highest rated categories are Pace (84), Dribbling (82), and shooting (79).

MLS will have a higher profile in FIFA 18 than past games. In previous games the only MLS stadiums in the game were Century Link Stadium in Seattle, and BC Place in Vancouver. For FIFA 18 the LA Galaxy’s stadium, the StubHub Center, will be in the game.

EA Sports is also marketing a new MLS broadcast package in FIFA 18.

One other area MLS will be involved in FIFA 18 is “The Journey.” “The Journey” was an interactive story that debuted in FIFA 17 starring Alex Hunter, a fictional English player who you control on his path to Premier League glory, choosing the team you want to play with, training and playing as Alex Hunter, getting sponsorship deals, and interacting in cutscenes with real life stars like Angel Di Maria, Eden Hazard, etc.

In trailers for FIFA, “The Journey” is back for FIFA 18, only this time Hunter has the option for playing for teams around the globe. It showed Alex Hunter as playing for the usual suspects, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, PSG, etc. However the trailer indicates the Hunter can choose to play for the LA Galaxy in MLS as well. This seems to play to how MLS is continuing to grow in popularity, even if talent-wise it isn’t yet on the level of those European giants.

So sadly LAFC will not be in FIFA 18. However it seems pretty clear they will join their MLS brethren in the video game world in the next version of FIFA. Until then, FIFA 18’s initial reviews have been very good, so I encourage everyone who has an interest in soccer and video games to give this one a try when it comes out at the end of the month.

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