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YouTube TV to be LAFC jersey sponsor

Deal comes on heels of streaming agreement for local games.

Licensing Expo 2016 Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Alongside the news that Los Angeles Football Club will be streaming local broadcasts for 2018 and beyond in English exclusively on the YouTube TV paid service, the team announced on Wednesday that YouTube will also “feature the YouTube TV logo prominently displayed on the LAFC jersey.”

This means YouTube TV will be LAFC’s jersey sponsor, as MLS teams are currently allowed just one sponsor on their jerseys.

The news wraps up the saga of who would be LAFC’s jersey sponsor for 2018, with reports as recently as almost a month ago from the Los Angeles Times’ Kevin Baxter that the expansion team was still trying to finalize a jersey sponsor.

So with that detail wrapped up, the jerseys themselves should be dropping soon. The season starts March 4, and I would expect an official unveiling prior to that, most likely in February. Sometimes connected folks find the designs ahead of time, we’ll see if that happens here. But now you can collect your pennies if you want an inaugural LAFC jersey for 2018.

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