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Tom Penn drops by “The Herd” to talk LAFC

President working to always be closing on new fans.

MLS: Banc of California Stadium Ribbon Cutting Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Football Club co-owner and president Tom Penn was on FS1’s “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” show on Thursday, talking up the MLS expansion team.

Cowherd, based in Los Angeles, has given airtime to LAFC in the past and is also a season ticket holder.

Why is this notable? If you’re an LAFC fan none of what Penn said is news here. It’s the same talking points being used since before the team started play.

It’s the audience that makes it notable. Penn wasn’t on promoting the team for fans, he was promoting the team for people who had never heard of LAFC before, who barely know what MLS is.

It’s heartening to see that LAFC continue marketing this team, keep spreading the word about themselves, even after the team has started play. I’ve been around MLS long enough to see teams go on a three-month spree of marketing their team, or a new team do a good job for a year, then taper off on the budget and basically stand pat. LAFC aren’t doing that, and that’s a credit to them. Let’s hope they continue to go block by block, national show by national show, perpetually to promote the team and drum up continued support.

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