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Forbes ranks LAFC fourth in valuation among MLS teams

What does it mean? Forbes feels bullish about the new team.

MLS: Minnesota United FC at Los Angeles FC Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

An annual occasion took place on Wednesday, as Forbes released their ranked valuations of MLS teams. Atlanta United topped the list, followed by the LA Galaxy, the Seattle Sounders, and Los Angeles Football Club in fourth.

LAFC is listed as worth $305 million, not that far off Atlanta’s $330 million. The team at the bottom of the rankings is the Colorado Rapids, at $155 million.

One thing to keep in mind: These figures are all invented by Forbes. Yes, the entire exercise is Forbes coming up with some estimates and making a list. In their own words: “Note: All figures are Forbes estimates; team values do not include stadiums or real estate.”

So don’t get too wrapped up in the specifics or what the valuations are. A team’s valuation is what an owner will pay for it — the rest is pure conjecture.

The conclusion to be drawn here is that this particular finance publication believes LAFC is a top four team in terms of valuation. Some of it is novelty, but a team in a major city, with a new stadium and training center, that was successful on and off the field in the first year is strong stuff, and so their place near the top is no surprise. That’s about the gist of what this means.

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