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First LAFC jersey leak emerges; full kit drops Feb. 24

Images of LAFC’s crest appear to have gotten out before the jersey release next Saturday

In another sign we are getting closer and closer to the season, MLS teams are steadily revealing their new kits for the upcoming season.

Now it is Los Angeles Football Club’s turn, as they have announced their jersey reveal will be next Saturday, Feburary 24th.

We have seen LAFC’s logo and its colors, and now we get to see how they come together as two jerseys next weekend.

As happens sometimes, an image has leaked of LAFC’s crest on the new jerseys.

The crest looks really well designed, the gold shines through, and looks great against what appear to be Black and White jerseys.

The wing design is great, and the whole crest just seems to show up well in the very limited image that we can see.

So, what does the rest of the jersey look like? Which color is the home jersey, and which one will be the away jersey? Are there any big surprises in store for the jersey reveal?

Tune in next Saturday to find out.

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