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Report: LAFC renew pursuit of Portuguese midfielder Andre Horta

Rising star could yet end up in Los Angeles.

Portugal v Guinea - Toulon Tournament Photo by Harry Trump/Getty Images

A new report regarding a recent transfer rumor for Los Angeles Football Club has emerged.

Jeff Carlisle of ESPN reported on Friday that LAFC were “moving closer” to signing Portuguese midfielder Andre Horta. Reports had first emerged regarding the player a little over a month ago, but at the time the issue was reportedly that Horta is currently on loan at Braga from Portuguese champion Benfica, and that Braga were not interested in ending the loan before the end of the season.

Carlisle’s report does not necessarily indicate if that has changed, or if LAFC would only be able to bring Horta over to play during the summer transfer window. They may be willing to arrange for the latter option, although LAFC only has 18 players officially under contract at the moment, and only four midfielders (five if Omar Gaber ultimately plays as a midfielder). They clearly need more players all over the roster, but especially in midfield, and Bob Bradley acknowledged that directly last week.

And while Horta isn’t a big name, he is a player who is well regarded in Europe, and has been eyed by teams in bigger leagues. While most of the young signings hyped in MLS the last year or so have been from South America, including LAFC’s Uruguayan Diego Rossi, Horta would very much also fit in that role, as a young player who would be expected to contribute immediately and if he really pans out, could be a player that the team could sell back to Europe on a profit in the future.

But first, he would have to sign. This is not done yet, but Carlisle’s reporting is rock-solid, so don’t be surprised if it happens.

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