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Angels Links: Manchester United labor to draw in Seville

Plus, the highest paid coach in U.S. Soccer last year didn’t even work there anymore?!

Sevilla FC v Manchester United - UEFA Champions League Round of 16: First Leg Photo by Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images

Manchester United and Sevilla draw 0-0, Pogba benched by United

Manchester United, led by a stunning performance by David de Gea, escaped Sevilla with a 0-0 draw in the Champions League on Wednesday, despite the large number of chances they gave up. De Gea made a few stunning saves, and the man who has been in top form this year continues to perform at the highest level. The lackluster performance also makes more baffling the fact that Paul Pogba did not start this game, though he did enter for an injured Ander Herrera. In the last couple of weeks in his typical passive aggressive manner, Jose Mourinho has made it clear something is going on with him and Pogba, and now not starting him in the Champions League seems to have brought things to a head. With a game coming up against a Chelsea team that is playing better of late, United need to see if coach and player can mend their fences, and do so soon.

David Bingham says he felt disrespected by Earthquakes management last season

A lot of the San Jose Earthquakes’ season from last year gets lost in the fact that the made the playoffs for the first time in a long time, and specifically how they made it, a last minute goal in the last game at home to seal a playoff berth. But the season was an up and down affair, especially for goalkeeper David Bingham. Bingham in 2016 was one of the best ‘keepers in the league, and though he struggled early in 2017, benching him later in the year seemed like an odd move. After Dom Kinnear was fired and Chris Leitch took over as interim head coach, he made the decision to go with the youngster Andrew Tarbell, and sent the talented Bingham to the bench. Bingham is now the undisputed No. 1 starter with the LA Galaxy, and in Scott French’s piece for, Bingham describes how things went for him in his last year with San Jose.

Jurgen Klinsmann was the highest earning U.S. Soccer coach in 2017

According to documents released showing U.S. Soccer’s fiscal state for last season, it was noticed that U.S. Soccer’s highest paid coach in 2017 was Jurgen Klinsmann. This might not be a big surprise for people, until you remember that Klinsmann was actually fired back in 2016. Klinsmann earned a little over $3.3 million last year, and the coach that took over for him, Bruce Arena earned just over $400,000 last year. Besides the fact that Klinsmann was still making a ton of money, the other striking piece of information is that Women’s coach Jill Ellis earned less than a 10th of what Klinsmann was making. Ellis made just over $292,000 last year (she did lose incentives when the U.S. failed to move past the quarterfinal stage of the 2016 Olympics). Still, Ellis made less than the CEO and the CCO of U.S. Soccer, and former assistant coach Andreas Herzog. There has been a lot of pressure for the USWNT to get compensation equal to what the Men’s team gets, and this news will surely only increase those claims.

Lionel Messi’s best moments, in his words

For those NBA fans out there, imagine what it would be like if Lebron James and Michael Jordan were playing at the same time and facing off against each other frequently. That’s what we as soccer fans have now, with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo playing in their primes, as two of the best to ever play. However, the constant comparison and scrutinization of them leads us sometimes to forget how incredible those players actually are. Messi had an interview with FourFourTwo in which he described how he feels about his best moments in soccer.

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