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Leaks emerge for LAFC’s 2018 jerseys

Primary word that comes to mind is “simple.”

It’s finally happened, with two days before Los Angeles Football Club are set to reveal their inaugural kits, leaks dropped from Footy Headlines showing the new jerseys.

Now, a quick caveat: These are leaks, so it’s possible Footy Headlines could be mistaken in what they’ve revealed, and there could be more to the jerseys than what they have here. However, Footy Headlines basically gets all the leaks and so I think these drops are credible.

Without further ado...

I mean, I guess they are really going for a simple look?

I do not consider myself a jersey expert, but these look extremely basic. This year adidas has gone big on doing some kind of barely visible design pattern on the authentic jerseys, so I expect that on probably the black primary jersey, and the white alternate appears to have some faint gray stripes on the chest, but...still. No clear stripes, no hoops, no sash, not really anything except a basic black jersey and a basic white jersey, with the three stripes and the YouTube TV sponsor. I understand templates are the way jerseys go these days, but for having three and a half years’ run-up to fielding a team, I was expecting something less off the rack-looking?

Oh, Conrad Burry doesn’t seem to provide much more, either.

At least the goalkeeper template has a little more going on.

So, there you have it. The Footy Headlines’ leaks are computer graphics (Burry provided a clarification to my original sentence here), so maybe there’s all kinds of subtleties on the real things that will jazz them up a bit. Or maybe the leaks are wrong. Probably not! We’ll find out soon enough.

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