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Turns out it’s MARCOS Ureña

LAFC striker ain’t bothered about it, though.

Soccer: FIFA World Cup Qualifier-Costa Rica at USA Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

An interesting news item dropped yesterday, as Kevin Baxter of the Los Angeles Times produced another good profile of a Los Angeles Football Club player ahead of the inaugural season. But this story had a much more newsworthy angle.

Marco Ureña’s name is actually Marcos Ureña.

I must admit I have a personal stake in this story. When Ureña joined MLS last year, my day job as a desk editor meant I found myself in a major predicament: Was this guy’s name Marco or Marcos? I saw conflicting info all over the internet, and I felt like I was having my very own version of a false memory, where I maybe just made up in my mind at some point that his name was Marcos when it in fact was Marco.

One reason why I was eventually convinced that his name was actually Marco was his Twitter account, which at one point had the user name of “Marcos Ureña” and the handle of @MarcoUrenaCR (confusing, right?!) but as of publication reads “Marco Ureña” as his username.

So, uhh, why does he call himself Marco if his name is Marcos? Seems like this is not a subject he’s very much worried about.

“I don’t care,” Ureña said of the spelling in the LA Times profile. “Either one.”

“It’s Marcos,” LAFC head coach Bob Bradley said in the story. “Even though sometimes it gets written as Marco, he just goes along with it.”

So there you go. My own personal copy editor mystery is solved, and now we know once and for all the guy’s name is Marcos, but he’s not going to beat you up if you call him Marco.

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