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LAFC release inaugural kits for 2018 season

No surprises, although additional details provided.

Courtesy of LAFC.

Los Angeles Football Club officially unveiled their inaugural primary and secondary kits on early Saturday morning.

The looks are pretty much in line with the leaks that came out earlier in the week, but the real things do have more details, as you would expect.

Notably, the black primary jersey has a geometric pattern in the fabric. It’s still subtle, so that it doesn’t show up in all angles, although one expects in the sunshine of Los Angeles it will probably be visible much of the time.

Laurent Ciman models the home jersey.
Courtesy of LAFC

Details include “Shoulder to shoulder” in the neck tag of both jerseys...

Courtesy of LAFC

...and unique jock tags on the primary and secondary jerseys.

Courtesy of LAFC
Courtesy of LAFC

Here’s the full view of the secondary jersey, with a subtle gray striped pattern across the chest.

Courtesy of LAFC

The full primary kit includes matching shorts and socks with gold wings on them. The secondary kit has matching white shorts and socks.

Find more about the new kits on LAFC’s website. You can buy the jerseys online if you can’t make it out to today’s launch event in Los Angeles.

Ok, now it’s official. What do you think about these kits? Leave a comment below!