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LAFC unveil five more additions to 2018 roster

Brewer, Lyon, Czornomaz among group introduced at jersey event.

Charlie Lyon appears to be LAFC’s third goalkeeper in 2018.
Courtesy of Orange County SC.

Update, Feb. 27: An earlier version of this story included Hugh Roberts as one of the announced additions to LAFC. Subsequent information has emerged to indicate that reporting was inaccurate. We have updated the story accordingly, and Angels on Parade regrets the error.

At the Los Angeles Football Club inaugural kit event on Saturday in Los Angeles, the entire team showed up to be introduced to the supporters in attendance as part of the festivities.

Heart of LA podcast was at the event and streamed the player introductions on Instagram Live, and there were several familiar names but not officially included in the roster of 19 players yet.

Among the players introduced as LAFC members who have not been announced officially by the club at the jersey event were:

  • Shaft Brewer (introduced with No. 28 jersey)
  • Nico Czornomaz (No. 22)
  • Charlie Lyon (No. 24)
  • James Murphy (No. 20)
  • Steeve Saint-Duc (No. 77)

Brewer, Murphy and Czornomaz have been playing in LAFC’s preseason games so far, so their additions are not a huge surprise. Brewer and Murphy are both Americans under contract to European clubs (Brewer at RB Leipzig, Murphy at Sheffield Wednesday), while Czornomaz has been under contract at Defensa y Justicia in his native Argentina, but has yet to make a first-team appearance there.

Lyon is a goalkeeper who should be familiar to those who followed Orange County SC last season. He previously played with Tyler Miller at Seattle Sounders but last year was the starter for OCSC, LAFC’s USL affiliate. He looks set to be the No. 3 ‘keeper, apparently beating out Quillan Roberts to that slot.

Saint-Duc is a player who had been connected to LAFC last fall, but his name had not specifically popped up in training camp as of yet. The Haitian is a young attacker.

These five players, if all officially signed, will bring LAFC’s roster to 25 players, enough to start the season with, although there is still some question about how the international slot situation will work (for example, there’s a decent chance Saint-Duc would go on a season-long loan to Orange County, and would therefore not occupy an international slot for LAFC). MLS teams need to reach roster compliance by Thursday, but given these players were introduced publicly, it seems like a good bet they will be on the roster when the season opens a week from Sunday against the Seattle Sounders.

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