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Orange County SC reveal goalkeeper kits for 2018 season

“Citrus” looks reflect OC heritage.

Goalkeeper’s home jersey for 2018. Courtesy of Orange County SC

Orange County SC revealed their goalkeeper kits for the 2018 season on Wednesday, unveiling home and away kits with a real “citrus” feeling.

The home kits will be primarily orange, with a panel of black and white across the chest, reflecting the colors the rest of the team will be wearing. In many ways it’s an inversion of the outfield players’ kits, which are black (primary) and white (secondary) with orange stripes and accents.

Courtesy of Orange County SC.

Meanwhile, the away ‘keeper kit is a lime color, which is a nifty tie-in to Orange County’s citrus heritage. The same white/black panel across the chest is on the away jersey.

Here’s a close-up of the away jersey:

Courtesy of Orange County SC

Orange County SC goalkeepers will take to the field with these kits when the 2018 USL regular season opens on March 17 at Orange County Great Park against Phoenix Rising FC.

Our thanks to Orange County SC for sharing official images of the kits.

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